MODELING & into her LIFE

Carolina Coto Segnini

Carolina is a model passionate about health, fitness and technology. She lives in the heart of New York City. 

“Growing up in Costa Rica I found in modeling a form of expression from my youth’s shyness. It paid my teenage whims and my way into college, I realized this was more than a hobby for me”

Carolina experienced an early success in her teenage years as the face of AVON, she became a constant in Runways, TV Commercials and Catalogues. She represented Costa Rica in Beauty Pageants, walked the runways of Miami Fashion Week and work closely with swimwear and fashion designers.

She has lived in Miami and in London, where her career flourish featuring the face of campaigns like Nike, shows to fashion brands like Hermes, and becoming the cover of Health & Fitness Magazine.

London is her home at heart, but she has found her family in New York City. She is constantly on the road or in the air, and has a deep appreciation for her job and everyone around who makes it possible. If you’d like to know her better, follow her @puravidablog

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