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In 1992, The New York Times noted that runway hair, once designed to show off clothes, had itself become big deal. The occasion was a Chanel show at which the deliberately disheveled hairstyles created by Oribe – already a lauded “top stylist” and “hair maestro” – received as much attention as the clothes.


Vogue, Bazar, Flare, NYFW, you name it Oribe is there. Tanya Brewer, James Pecis, Depict Mutyala, Joey George, Philippe Tholimet are the stars behind the hair of Sia, Cindy Crawford, Sarah Gadon, Kendall Jenner with one hand in the hair and the other one holding on to Oribe.

Hair Syling

Oribe discovered Carolina the minute she step into New York, working closely with the superstar stylers, educators and entire team who makes the magic work.