MODELING, ACTING and what comes in between.

“Character playing is made easy when a real part inside identifies, for me it’s about creating a genuine composition.”

Carolina has features the face of TV Commercials including the pilot for “The Royals” with Elizabeth Hurley, Simon’s Army in “The X Factor”, Zudy’s Software with Julian Edelman and as the face of Bollywood super cinema song “Judaa” with Amrinder Gill.

“It has always been about having fun while responsibly performing empathetically.¬†Modeling is a lot about roll playing, a set profile with specific characteristics portrayed fully with the according emotions and expressions. When it comes to acting, it becomes a speaking role, the level of commitment and interpretation is undoubtedly a unique form of art”

Carolina studied acting in New York City under Donna Marrazzo Studio, and believes in on going coaching.

Commercial Reel