Sleeping during a Pandemic

“The best use of imagination is creativity. The worst use of imagination is anxiety” Deepak Chopra

Thoughts running wild? Night Sweats? Not being able to shut down and feeling like a nightmare you want to wake up from?

Not being able to sleep during a Pandemic is a condition becoming chronic to many around the world. Feeling anxious about tomorrow or depressed about today. Staying in the moment and connecting to the present is a challenge, worth taking! 

Start by writing your non-negotiables:

Activities to choose from that are not open for negotiation. You rationaly understand the benefits they provide to your well being and provide space & time for them in your life:

Let me share mine:

  • Practicing Yoga
  • Working out
  • Meditation
  • Creative Writing
  • Jamming to Music
  • Dancing
  • Eating healthy
  • Drinking + water
  • Moderate Cravings
  • Sun Time for 20 mins
  • Mindful & Safe Walks
  • Relationships

Hashtag #nonnegotiables #wellness4change in your next Instagram post with your own list! I would like to learn from them and share them with my community; Tag me @carolinacoto 

What happens when we work out?

We activate our circulation system, internally we push our metabolism and breakthrough our muscles by enhancing movement. We connect to our breathe, oxygenate, replenish, sweat and regulate our hormonal workflow. 

This is the scenario for a great night sleep! by working our bodies, the sensation takes over our restless minds and makes it easier to shut down.

If you do not currently exercise and want to give it a try, I teach Sunday Practice @zoomyogaclass for free! join by simply RSVP during the events and sign up in

Relationships are a big part of our lifestyle, a style of life which has been hacked by quarantine and new ongoing measurements like social distancing. Honoring our relationships, to friends and family, joining calls, using video and apps like House Party are fun ways of connecting, laughing and transcending the compulsive conversation of COVID-19. 

Regulating news-consumption: Our minds are like sponges, a lot goes right into our subconscious minds; a place that becomes alive during our sleep. Watching too much TV, or consuming too much of something (coffee, alcohol, sugar, Screen Time) will undoubtedly play a role in your sleep quality and dreams.


Adapting to the new normal will take time, but it can be easier when following wellness guidelines to help you keep in track! Take a look at the Resource & Information guide by the: National Alliance on Mental Illness 

Most Common issues for not sleeping well:

  • Overwhelming, Confusion, Stress
  • Overthinking, trying to solve an issue
  • Too much of: coffee, alcohol, sugar, TV, news, Screen Time.
  • Temperature: too cold or too hot
  • Anxiety: thinking too much about the future 
  • Depressive: thinking too much about the past 


Confronting our major issues is key, if you can not sleep because you keep thinking on how to figure out a problem. Write it down, slow down, strategyze, ask for help if you need it. It’s ok not knowing exactly what to do right now and not having everything figured. Having a general overview of the problem and a tentative timeline can bring much comfort. One small step in the right direction towards improving the situation can dramatically change the way you feel and with constancy most likely improve the situation.

Connecting to the present moment might be a challenge, but with the help of breathwork and meditation it can bring immediate relief. Exercises like Anapanasati, help us connect to the flow of breathing and instantly create more space in our minds to expand beyond our confinement. 

Accepting and identifying our individual and collective emotions


Subconsciously we are collectively grieving, the toll of deaths is a common lost, and it directly affects our well-being, our emotional state and therefore our ability to sleep. To acknowledge our emotions, to welcome them instead of running away from them will set us free. 

How are you feeling today?


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