@wellnessforchange is a NYC based community organization providing wellness education including Yoga, Social Emotional Learning, Meditation, Breathing work, Functional Training, Martial Arts, Shamanic Healing methods. Founded by model, actor and wellness advocate Carolina Coto.

Carolina grew up in San Pedro, a town in the eastside of San Jose, Costa Rica. Her family are long time travelers, a part of them came from Italy and settled in Guanacaste, the hot and beautiful spot well known for its beaches and nature. This is where Carolina first rode a horse, jumped into a waterfall and learned to bike.

“Nature in Costa Rica is fundamentally merged with the city, growing up like that, with such weather, makes it easy to play outside”.

During her high school years, Carolina had already lived in Cambridge with her family, lead a soccer team, played gymnastics and overcame her asthma with the help of sports.

“College was an immaculate adventure, I had the opportunity to experience a lot of things at once. It gave me the character I hold dearly and the vision to proceed.”

Carolina enrolled in Psychology for a semester when she was captured by the beauty of economics, she later joined Business and Development & Economics. Her studies include the prestigious London School of Economics.

Her first business was only at the age of 18, opening several Juice Bars and focusing on the importance of supplements and their functionality to the human body. Part of her college work was testing a sustainable business models, using local products and providers, and generating almost zero waste.

She is the former CIO, Chief Innovative Officer at Grupo RAC, a consulting firm where she developed the business model of “Ecomercado”, the first locally based organic oriented “pulperia” in Costa Rica. It resembled the business model of Trader Joe’s. Together with RAC, she help create the first Green Purchasing Manual which she later shared with the Commerce of Chambers.

During this time, Carolina experienced tremendous traveling as a private consultant to a pioneer telecom startup, where she build a $1M portfolio, she embraced entrepreneurship as CIO, trained and modeled.

Carolina trained under Fabián Calvo, one of the most qualified trainers in the world. She attended workshops and put in hundreds of hours,

“Due to traveling, training became harder. I needed understanding to put together routines that I could later employ with no gym or trainer” .

This independence gave her tools to shape and mold her training based on Functional Training, body weight, added weight, and kettle bells. During this process, she also joined a running team, performing 10K’s during the weekends and engaging with her true love – Boxing.

“Boxing defines a real but fun hustle, one that requires focus, determination but is also a certain dance which makes it unique to each individual”.

Carolina is certified in Yoga, SEL*F, Meditation and Functional Training. She lives in New York City. She has tried numerous diets and after years of experience her approach is for conscious eating.

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